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Foreign Professionals to Work in Taiwan
Foreign Students Enrolled in Taiwanese College of University Taking Part-time Jobs
Overseas Chinese or Foreign Student Graduated in the R.O.C. to Work in Taiwan
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Foreign Professionals to Work in Taiwan
The area provides necessary information for foreign professionals to work in Taiwan. The approved works that foreign professionals can apply for include 7 categories such as : A. Specialized or Technical Works, B. The Director or Manager of an Approved Business Invested or Established by Overseas Chinese or Foreigner(s), C. School teacher, D. Full-time Foreign Teacher in Cram School, E. Sports Coaching or Athlete, F. Arts and Performing Arts, G. Contracting Foreigners.

Specialized or Technical Works
A01.Civil engineering or practice of architecture read more
A02.Communications and transportation read more
A03.Tax and financial services read more
A04.Practice of real estate agency read more
A05.Immigration services read more
A06.Practice of attorneys, or of patent attorneys read more
A07.Practice of technicians read more
A08.Health care read more
A09.Environmental protection read more
A10.Culture, sports, and recreation services read more
A11.Academic research read more
A12.Practice of veterinarians read more
A13.Manufacturing read more
A14.Wholesales read more
A15.Other work designated as per the joint consultation of the central governing authority and the central competent authorities read more

The Director or Manager of an Approved Business Invested or Established by Overseas Chinese or Foreigner(s)
Foriengers to be employed for the director or manager of an approved business invested or established by overseas Chinese or foreigner(s). read more
School Teacher
C01.Teacher at a college/university and higher levels, or foreign language teacher at a foreign language center affiliated to a college or above. read more
C02.Teacher at school meant for foreign residents. read more
C03.Approved teacher teaching courses on foreign languages at a public or registered private primary or high schools. read more
C04.Teacher teaching courses at a public or registered private experimental high school’s bilingual department or at bilingual schools. read more

Full-time Foreign Teacher in Cram School
Foreigners be employed for teaching official language used in the country specified in the passport of the teacher in a short-term cram school registered in accordance with Supplementary Education Act. read more
Sports Coaching or Athlete
Foreigners who meet specific qualification be employed for sports coaching or athlete. For example, a sports coach should hold a National Coaching Certificate or an athlete should have participated in national or international sport competition. read more
Arts and Performing Arts
Foreigners engage in arts or performing arts occupation in regulated work place. read more
Contracting Foreigners
A foreign legal person appoints a foreigner worker to engage in works in order to perform contracts of construction, sale, technical cooperation and so forth necessities. The related regulation is different based on foreigners’ staying period. read more