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What are the qualifications and required documents of the foreigners when applying for foreign extras?
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1.  In accordance with the Work Permit Application Review Guidelines Handbook for Foreign Artists and Performers published by the Ministry, extras refer to persons who are mainly employed by other employers in Taiwan or who have obtained the right of abode through joining of family, and who did not originally engage in entertainment or artistic performances, and due to the needs of the management or advertising companies, they were asked to be non-normally-scheduled extras or models for televisions, electronic, or printed advertisements, where the work content does not involve professionalism and does not need to receive professional training and development.
2. Documents required to apply for foreign extras:
(1) Application form.
(2) Photocopy of the agency owner’s ID card or passport, proof of agency establishment registration or proof of business registration, and license for specially permitted businesses.
However, those without license for specially permitted businesses or business registration are exempt from having to submit these.
(3) Name list of the employed foreigner(s).
(4) Photocopy of the passport of the employed foreigner(s).
(5) For those employed foreigners that are below 20, the documents permitting employment from their legal agent and photocopy of the legal agent’s passport.
(6) Photocopy of the employment contract (Contract within the effective shooting period).
(7) Activity project/plan for the performances during the employment period of the foreigner(s) (including work schedule, time, place, address, etc) or a document integrating the employment contract and activity project/plan (sample as attached file – Activity Project/Plan for Extras).
(8) ARC.
(9) Script.