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  •  Date of update:2018-09-18

Foreign employees shall acquire one of the following qualifications before undertaking the specialized or technical works :     

  1. Acquire certificates or operation qualifications through the procedures specified in the Examinations of Specific Profession and Technician Guidelines, such as doctors or lawyers.
  2. Acquire credentials of Master degree or above from universities in the ROC or in foreign countries or acquire Bachelor degree and with more than two years working experiences in the specific field.
  3. Expatriates to the ROC that have been employed in multi-national companies for more than one year.
  4. Specialists who have been trained professionally or self-taught in the specific field and have more than five years experiences in related skills and have demonstrated outstanding performances.(Note: The ministry has established a consultation procedure for expatriates as professional and skilled workers to be exempted from the five-year work experience requirement. But those acknowledged as startup with innovation capabilities are not subject to the limit on years of work experience.)

The monthly amount of average salary for employed foreigners, if no additional regulations, shall be no less than NT $47,971. Thus, if graduated foreign or overseas Chinese meet the relevant regulations, they can be applied by the employers and can stay and work in Taiwan with permission.