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  •  Date of update:2020-07-13

From 2018 February 8, Work permit application for school teacher shall be submitted to and issued by Ministry of Education.

Please see the contacts of Ministry of Education as follows:

Contact information of Ministry of Education

category officer phone number
Teachers at college/university or higher levels
Mrs. Chen,
Department of Higher Education
Teachers at a foreign language center affiliated to a college or above
Mr. Xie,
Department of International and Cross-strait Education
Teachers at college or above for technological and vocational education
Mrs. Yang,
Department of Technological and Vocational Education
Teachers at the school meant for foreign residents
Mr. Ke,
K-12 Education Administration
Teachers at senior high school
Mrs. Bao
K-12 Education Administration
Teachers at junior high or elementary school
Mrs. Liu
K-12 Education Administration