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L.Foreign Students Enrolled in Taiwanese College of University Taking Part-time Jobs,Ways of ApplicationQ & A of Work Permit Applicati...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2020-09-281065
L.Foreign Students Enrolled in Taiwanese College of University Taking Part-time Jobs,work permitQ & A for Electronic Service o...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2020-09-03557
Application documentsThe employer is a business of ...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2021-08-27801
Short-Term Supplementary Learning Centers Employ Foreign Teachers with Specialized KnowledgeHow to pay for the processing ...Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2021-05-19168
Foreign Special ProfessionalsHow to pay for the processing ...Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2021-05-19321
Foreign Professionals engaged in Arts and Performing ArtsHow to pay for the processing ...Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2021-05-19859
Work Permit for Adult Children of Foreign Professionals Obtaining Permanent ResidentHow to pay for the reviewing f...Cross-Border Workforce Management Division2021-05-191470
Application documentsHow to ratify the diplomas and...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2020-09-031170
Ways of ApplicationIf the employer needs to emplo...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2020-09-02730
Laws and RegulationsWhat are the qualifications of...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2020-09-021242
Application documentsRegarding employers extending ...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2020-09-02658
Application documentsThe foreigner has applied for ...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2020-09-02842
Application documentsWhat are the qualifications an...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2020-09-02747
Laws and RegulationsCan cram schools assign foreig...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2020-09-02978
Application documentsCan foreign graduating student...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2020-09-02916
Application documentsHow can employers apply the em...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2020-09-02699
Laws and RegulationsWho are foreign professionals?Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2020-09-02990
Ways of ApplicationShould all applications for em...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2020-09-02636
Termination What if the employer fails to ...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2020-09-02835
othersCan I inquire issues related t...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2020-09-02576
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