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Foreign Special Professional Personnel Employment Work Permit ApplicationForeign Special Professional P...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2019-12-2549
General Applicatoin FormR.Application Form of Refundin...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2015-10-10714
G.Contracting ForeignersG00.Contracting ForeignersCross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2015-10-101772
F.Arts and Performing ArtsF00.Arts and Performing ArtsCross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2015-10-101218
D.Full-time Foreign Teacher in Cram SchoolD00.Full-time Foreign Teacher ...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2015-10-101393
E.Sports Coaching and AthleteE00.Sports Coaching and Athlet...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2015-10-10676
B.The director or manager of an approved business invested or established by overseas Chinese or foreigner(s)BS0.Spouses of Foreign Profess...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2017-07-26346
B.The director or manager of an approved business invested or established by overseas Chinese or foreigner(s)B00.Overseas Chinese or Foreig...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2015-10-101597
A.Specialized and technical worksASO.Spouses of Foreign Profess...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2017-07-26539
New Scoring Criteria for Foreign and Overseas Chinese Students to Work in TaiwanAPO.New Scoring Criteria for F...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2015-10-102312
A.Specialized and technical worksA13.ManufacturingCross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2015-10-101111
A.Specialized and technical worksA14.WholesalesCross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2015-10-10810
A.Specialized and technical worksA15.Other work designated as p...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2015-10-101818
A.Specialized and technical worksA09.Environmental protectionCross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2015-10-10563
A.Specialized and technical worksA10.Culture, sports, and recre...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2015-10-10760
A.Specialized and technical worksA11. Academic researchCross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2015-10-101051
A.Specialized and technical worksA12.Practice of veterinariansCross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2015-10-10525
A.Specialized and technical worksA06.Practice of attorneys, or ...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2015-10-10630
A.Specialized and technical worksA07.Practice of techniciansCross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2015-10-10929
A.Specialized and technical worksA08.Health careCross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2015-10-10633
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