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  •  Date of update:2021-05-24

Where can find us?

Unit in charge of application: Cross-border Workforce Affairs Center of Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor
Address: 10F, No. 39, Section 1, Chung-hua Road, Chung-cheng District, Taipei City
Hours of operation: 8:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m Monday through Friday.

Transportation Info

Bus: Get on the bus at Taipei Station on Zhong Xiao West Road and get off at Zhonghua Road North Stop (Hankou Street) by Bus Route 49, 202, 205, 212, 218, 232, 246, 253, 260, 262, 265 (Fast local train), 307, 310, 527, 604, 659.
MRT: Get off at Xi-men Station, take the No. 5 exit and walk for about 5 minutes. 
Drive: Park your car at Chung Shan Hall or parking lots nearby and walk for a few minutes (the map is as below)