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What is benefit of FEPZs?
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Cross-Border Workforce Management Division

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1. FEPZs not only provides liberal and international business environment, but also offers more orders for small and medium business through “Shop onsite, Factory offsite” consigned processing model. By doing so, domestic companies can expand the needs of employee, create local job opportunities, and increase domestic labor wages.
2. Based on the evaluation of FEPZs by National Development Council, because FEPZs is developed through the model of primary developing high-value-added service industries and help promote manufacturing industries that can promote service industry, the model helps to create high-wage jobs. Besides, introducing neighboring businessmen in related industries is beneficial to increase job opportunities out of FEPZs. The National Development Council expects that the amount of domestic employment will add more 33,000 due to FEPZs. (More 20,000 employed workers in financial sectors)