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Is the relaxed restriction on foreign professionals hiring foreign housemaid applied only to FEPZs? Is there any evaluation on effect?
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Cross-Border Workforce Management Division

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In order to attract foreign professional talents to work in Taiwan, and in order to meet the needs of short-term, intensive communication, and household caring, the MOL has allowed employers to employ one foreign housemaid to work in Taiwan before the same foreign professional whose annual income is above NT$2 billions or monthly income is above NT$ 150,000 enter to work in Taiwan. However, the employer shall first post recruitment domestically. Only when such recruitment cannot be met, the employer can then hire from abroad. A single foreign professional within his/her family is eligible to hire only one housemaid, so the number of foreign housemaids will only slightly increase without affecting domestic labor market. The regulation is the same inside and outside FEPZs.