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For relaxing the restriction on hiring foreign professionals in FEPZs, what is the definition of foreign professionals? Is FEPZs open for workers from Mainland China? Does it have effect on Taiwanese’s employment?
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1. According to “Qualifications and Criteria Standards for foreigners undertaking the jobs specified under Article 46.1.1 to 46.1.6 of the Employment Service Act,” the foreign professionals are foreigners employed to undertake special professions or technical assignments refer t
(1) Civil engineering or practice of architecture;
(2) Communications and transportation;
(3) Tax and financial services;
(4) Practice of real estate agency;
(5) Immigration services;
(6) Practice of attorneys, or of patent attorneys;
(7) Practice of technicians;
(8) Health care;
(9) Environmental protection;
(10) Culture, sports, and recreation services;
(11) Academic research;
(12) Practice of veterinarians;
(13) Manufacturing;
(14) Wholesales; or
(15) Other work designated as per the joint consultation of the central governing authority and the central competent authorities.
2. Citizens of Mainland China are not allowed to work in FEPZs. The regulations open for foreign professionals to work in Taiwan do not apply to citizens of Mainland China, so it has no effect on Taiwanese’s employment.
3. Due to globalization, every country starts up to estalibsh regulations and acts to strive for international talents. The introduction of foreign professionals is beneficial for enterprises to upgrade and restructure, and also increase business’ competitiveness. In addition, according to current regulations, there is still salary restriction for foreign professionals, so there’s no worry about decreasing the national wages. Therefore, introducing foreign professionals have little impact on domestic employment; on the contray, it can bring up more investment from business and create more job opportunities.