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What are things to take note when sending in documents to apply for foreign extras?
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In accordance with the provisions of the “Documents Required and Notes for Foreign Extras” promulgated on May 23rd, 2011 (updated on July 21st, 2015) by the Ministry are as follows:
1.In general, the application for the permitted employment period of extras should be within seven days. For those applying for a permitted period of more than seven days, the basis of reasonable estimated shooting period shall be clearly described in the activity project/plan and related documents of proof shall be submitted.
2.Applying to employ less than six foreign extras, application must be submitted two business days before performance; and to employ more than six extras, application must be submitted four business days before performance. If there are missing documents, corrections must be made one business day before performance. The documents that are not submitted or corrections that are not completed within the provided time period will be disapproved.
3.If timeliness is a concern for the applying unit, the suggested delivery methods for processing are to deliver the documents in person or by way of express delivery with return.