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Is the professional qualification and working standard relaxed in FEPZs? Other than employed in Taiwan, is the regulation of contracting foreign professionals relaxed? What’s the impact on domestic employment?
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Cross-Border Workforce Management Division

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1. In order to ensure quality of domestic professional service sector and reduce the effect on domestic market, although FEPZs is open the investment for attorneys, accountant and architect, the locations of investment shall be within the FEPZs and the target shall be limited to businesses within FEPZs and not the country.
2. If foreign attorney, accountant, and architect wish to work in Taiwan, they need to have a professional local license. This is to reduce the impact on domestic workers. The professional service sector isn’t open to citizens of Mainland China.
3. In order to coordinate with operation characteristics and increase the diversity of foreign professionals within FEPZs, FEPZs is open for independent professionals to undertake specialized or technical works by signing appointment contracts. Contracting business should apply to the MOL or FEPZs administrative offices for work permission, and the salary of foreign workers should meet the regulation of NT$47,971 to avoid affecting domestic labor wages.