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Is FEPZs open for a large amount of blue-collar foreign workers, or even workers from Mainland China? Do foreign workers compete jobs with Taiwanese workers?
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Cross-Border Workforce Management Division

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1. No. There is no issue of relaxing restrictions on foreign workers within FEPZs, nor are citizens of Mainland China allowed to work in Taiwan. There is no different regulation regarding hiring foreign workers inside or outside FEPZs.
2. The goal of FEPZs is to relax the laws and reform the system in order to make Taiwan a free trade hub and to speed up business’ innovation. The 3K manufacturing industries can apply for foreign workers and be graded foreign labor hiring quota in a five-ration system from 10% to 35% based on industry relevance, shortage of labor and characteristic of business, in accordance with current regulations. There is no negative impact on Taiwan’s employment.