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  •  Date of update:2023-09-21
  •  Date of inspection:2023-09-21

Documents required for foreign professional employment work permit application (Category F Performing Arts)

  Required Document New Hire Extension Notes
1 Original receipt for examination fee (V) (V) 1.postal receipt, NT $500 per case
2.Need not attached once entering the data of receipt on the system (or filling in the application form).Nevertheless, it might be requested if necessary.
2 Application  
3 Photocopy of applicant entity’s company owner ID card , passport or ARC    
4 Photocopy of applicant entity’s company registration or business registration or license for specially permitted business    
5 Name List of the employed foreign workers  
6 Photocopy of the passport of the employed foreign worker or ARC  
7 Copy or photocopy of the employment contract (1)should state employed foreign worker name, job title, job description, salary, employment period and signed by both parties
(2)If the performing duration of the application is considered short term performance (within 30 days), and the employer and the foreigners do not conclude employment contracts. In that case, an invitation letter or email or written correspondence documents that can prove the working conditions between both sides can be attached. However, the documents shall include names of foreigners, working contents, remunerations and employment duration.
8 Foreign worker event plan during employment period: (1)The event plan should include the name of the foreigner to be employed (or stage name, group name), working schedule during the employment period (including date and description of the activities).
(2)The time and schedule in the event plan must be consistent with the employment period in the application form. 
9 Employed foreign worker’s certification of performance or art to be undertaken during the employment period or specific work performance (1) Home government or R.O.C. agency issued recommendation or certification document, portfolio, media reports, or video of public performance . 
(2) Documentation of performance or artistic work or specific work performance in the previous employment period.
10 Photocopy of original employment permit   Need not attached once entering the permit number on the system.
11 When employed foreign worker is a minor, legal representative employment consent documents and photocopy of passport of legal representative  
12 Others   ※Attachments for foreign extras:
(1) Photocopy of alien resident certificate
(2) Shooting script or relevant explanation
※If foreigners are support staffs within the artistic or performing groups, and are indispensable or highly correlated to complete the performance. “Necessity Declaration for Support Staffs within The Foreign Artistic and Show Business Groups to Perform in Taiwan” shall be submitted.

※Documents required for termination of employment relationship (dismissal): 1. Application 2. Photocopy of employment permit(Need not attached once entering the permit number on the system). 3. Photocopy of residence permit 4. Document certifying termination of employment relationship

※Documents required for replacement employment permit: 1. Application (please check“Re-issue on application and write“permit number”) 2. Grounds for replacement affidavit.

※Any documents in a language other than English must be translated into Chinese.