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  •  Date of update:2023-09-21
  •  Date of inspection:2023-09-21

Documents required for foreign professional employment work permit application(Category A Specialized or Technical Jobs - Comment System for Overseas Chinese or Foreign Student Graduated in the R.O.C.)

  Required Document New Hire Extension Notes
Original receipt for examination fee
1.NT $500 per case
2.Need not attached once entering the data of receipt on the system (or filling in the application form).Nevertheless, it might be requested if necessary.
Name List of the employed foreign workers
Comment system comment form and documents in compliance with each comment item

See attached form for comment item required documents.

Foreigners having received comment permit in the past not adding score items only need attach comment form.

Photocopy of the passport of the employed foreign worker or ARC
Must be valid on the date the employment begins. 
Photocopy of bachelor's degree or higher of the employed foreign worker obtained in the R.O.C.
Copy or photocopy of the employment contract
It must specify the name of the employed foreigner, nationality, job title or work
description (sufficient to tell the scope of work), employment period, wages and
compensation, and must be executed by both the employer and the employee.
Taiwanese ID, foreign passport or ARC of the person in charge of the entity or architect (employer)/ accountant (employer)/ lawyer (employer)
Must be valid on the date of applying.
Photocopy of applicant entity’s company registration or business registration
Exempt in the case where the employer is a natural person.
Photocopy of license for specially permitted business
According to the items of Category A jobs, please confirm additional attachments.
Photocopy of applicant revenue certification
According to the items of Category A jobs, please confirm additional attachments.
Photocopy of last year’s most recent payroll withholding statement of employed foreign worker (or tax withheld at source)
Need not attached .Nevertheless, it might be requested if necessary.
Photocopy of original employment permit
Need not attached once entering the permit number on the system.
When employed foreign worker is a minor, legal representative employment consent documents and photocopy of passport of legal representative

※Documents required for termination of employment relationship (dismissal): 1. Application 2. Photocopy of employment permit(Need not attached once entering the permit number on the system). 3. Photocopy of residence permit 4. Document certifying termination of employment relationship

※Documents required for replacement employment permit: 1. Application (please check“Re-issue on application and write“permit number”) 2. Grounds for replacement affidavit.

※Any documents in a language other than English must be translated into Chinese.



Comment Item Content and Rating Points Required Documents and Description
1.Education Doctoral Degree 30 1.A copy of the graduation certificate should be attached for the bachelor degree or above.
2.As for associate's degree, graduation certificate from a college or above in the following displines shall be attached: life sciences, environmental sciences, physics, chemistry and earth sciences, information and communication technology, engineering and engineering studies, manufacturing and processing, architecture and construction engineering, agriculture, forestry, fishery, veterinary medicine, medicine and health, social welfare, health and occupational health services.
Master’s Degree 20
Bachelor’s Degree 10
Associate’s Degree 5
2. Salary Average monthly salary over NT$47,971 40 Photocopy of employment contract signed by employer and overseas Chinese or foreign student. Contract should state average monthly salary (in NT$), names of both parties, job, title, job description, employment duration, etc.
Average monthly salary over NT$40,000 less than NT$47,971 30
Average monthly salary over NT$35,000 less than NT$40,000 20
Average monthly salary over NT$31,520 less than NT$35,000 10
3. Work Experience Over 2 years 20 Photocopy of overseas Chinese or foreign student’s full-time work experience certification
Over 1 year less than 2 10
4. Qualified to serve in relevant capacity Those possessing special expertise required by company for relevant position 20 Photocopy documentation certifying overseas Chinese or foreign student’s special expertise (i.e. professional training for the role, course attendance, skill certification, creative works competition awards, patents, etc.)
5.Chinese Chinese Language Proficiency Test Level
“Fluent” or higher
30 One of the following documents:
I. Photocopy of overseas Chinese or foreign student Chinese language proficiency test result of “Intermediate” or higher. 
II. Photocopy of one of the following documents certifying overseas Chinese or foreign student’s Chinese language studies:
(1) Chinese studies Coursework grading documentation while attending school in the R.O.C. 
1. Fluent: 80 or higher
2. Advanced: 70 to 79
3. Intermediate: 60 to 69
(2) Documentation of Chinese studies hours: 
1. Fluent: hours studying Chinese in the R.O.C. totaling over 960 or over 1,920 hours in other regions.
2. Advanced: hours studying Chinese in the R.O.C. totaling over 480 or over 960 hours in other regions.
3. Intermediate: hours studying Chinese in the R.O.C. totaling over 360 or over 720 hours in other regions.
Chinese Language Proficiency Test Level “Advanced” 25
Chinese Language Proficiency Test Level “Intermediate” 20
6. Foreign language proficiency or experience of growing in other countries 2 foreign languages in addition to Chinese 20 Photocopy of the overseas student’s passport. To prove the proficiency of a second foreign language, documents as bellows is required:
I. Photocopy of overseas Chinese or foreign student’s foreign language ability certification.
II. Photocopy of document certifying overseas Chinese or foreign student’s foreign language study of over 360 hours.
i.e.: Foreign Language Proficiency Test (FLPT), TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge English Language Assessment, IELTS, GEPT, Linguaskill Business, Linguaskill General, 
British Council International English Proficiency Certificate, Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), DELF, Goethe-Zertifikat, TestDaF, Russian Language Proficiency Tests held by Chinese Culture University or National Chengchi University, etc. 
1 foreign language in addition to Chinese or experience of growing in other countries for consecutive 6 years or more 10
7. Compliance with government policy Companies or employees conforming to government policies related to industrial development 20

Copy of central competent authority issued employer compliance with government policy documentation, i.e.:
I. Conforms to excellent backbone business qualifications.
II. Businesses establishing operational headquarters in the R.O.C (corporate operations headquarters recognition letter).
III.  Businesses establishing R & D centers in the R.O.C. (implementing unit approval letter)
IV. Conforms to HeadStart Taiwan: institutions with “new business recognition principle of innovative ability”
V.Recognition letter or certification of conformation to industrial development policy issued by central competent authority.

Academic certificate of programs such as:International Programs of Industy-Academia Collaboration in Taiwan, Industy-Academia Collaboration Program for Indonesian 2-year college, Industry-Academia Cooperative Education Program for Overseas Compatriot Students, Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program.

Graduated overseas students studying in special classes established in line with national policies or enrolled through G2G program.
8.One who received scholarships or excellent grades during studies One who received government-provided scholarships or scored in the top 30% at school. 10
Photocopies of supporting documents such as official documents approved by government agencies and schools or the list of winners announced in the official announcement.
One who received school scholarships or achieved the top 50% with a GPA of 3.0 at school. 5
Qualifying Score   70