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  •  Date of update:2018-08-02
  1. Securities & Future Trading:

    1. Planning, research, analysis, management, and new technique initiation work on securities and marketable securities.

    2. Future trading, investment, analysis, auditing in the financial and business sectors, or new techniques initiation.

  2. Financial industry: depositing, crediting, investing, trusting, foreign exchange, other financial businesses recognized by the central competent authorities, along with authority concerned at the central government level and the planning, research & analysis, management & consulting work of these business sectors.

  3. Insurance industry: Claims for life or property insurance, approval of insurance policy, actuary, investment, information, re-insurance, insurance brokerage, insurance agent, training, notarization, engineering, risk management or new techniques initiation.

    1. Assisting business accounting affairs.​

    2. Assisting businesses or services specified by the CPA Guidelines.