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  •  Date of update:2022-11-28
  •  Date of inspection:2022-11-28

Documents required for foreign professional employment work permit application (Category E Sports)

  Required Document New Hire Extension Notes
Original receipt for examination fee
1.postal receipt, NT $500 per case
2.Need not attached once entering the data of receipt on the system (or filling in the application form).Nevertheless, it might be requested if necessary.
Photocopy of applicant entity’s company owner ID card , passport or ARC
Applicant entity’s company registration
Name List of the employed foreign workers
Photocopy of the passport of the employed foreign worker or ARC
Copy or photocopy of the employment contract
should state employed foreign worker name, job title, job description, salary, employment period and signed by both parties
Employed foreign worker’s work experience documents

※Sports coach:
(1)National coaching certificate issued by a national single sport association. 
(2)Certificate of being sports coach for more than 2 years and reference letter by a national (international) single sport association (federation). 
(3)Qualified instructor certifications issued by an international single sport federation and reference letter. 
(4) Reference letter from a national (international) single sport association (federation) which has expressly stated that the person is capable of demonstrating skills of the sport.

(1) Documents certifying employed foreign worker participation in national or international sporting competition or 1 year or more of practical athletic experience and a letter of recommendation from a national (international) individual sports association (federation).

(1) Please complete validation beforehand for documents from specifically announced countries which require validation from overseas R.O.C missions.
(2) Be sure to retain the original or a copy of validated education and experience documents.

Other required documents
※Sports coach:
Training plan of employed foreign worker while in the R.O.C. (including trainees, times, locations, courses, etc.)
Photocopy of original employment permit
Need not attached once entering the permit number on the system.
When employed foreign worker is a minor, legal representative employment consent documents and photocopy of passport of legal representative

※Documents required for termination of employment relationship (dismissal): 1. Application 2. Photocopy of employment permit (Need not attached once entering the permit number on the system).3. Photocopy of residence permit 4. Document certifying termination of employment relationship

※Documents required for replacement employment permit: 1. Application (please check“Re-issue on application and write“permit number”) 2. Grounds for replacement affidavit (expressly state the case number, foreigner's name and passport number, employment period and the reason for applying for a replacement)

※Any documents not in Chinese shall provide translation unless otherwise specified in other regulations.

Remark: If aforementioned information and certification documents are copies, they should be marked with the words: “same as originals” and stamped with the seal of applicant entity or company owner. (Applicant shall assume legal responsibly for providing information and documents proven false through investigation)