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  •  Date of update:2018-08-02
  1. Publication Industry: management, foreign-language scriptwriting, editing, translation or compilation for newspapers, magazines or books; management, production or music composing, new facilities & techniques initiation for audio publication.

  2. Motion picture industry: motion picture production, screenplay writing, art designing, promotion, direction, or new techniques initiation.

  3. Wireless, cable, and satellite broadcasting (radio and television) industries: program designing and production, foreign-language scriptwriting, translation & editing, announcing & dubbing, directing & program hosting, management or new techniques initiation.

  4. Service industry related to arts, culture and sports: literary work, commentary, operation and management of arts & culture activities, agents for art talents and models, operation & management of sports venues, judges (referees) for sports competition, sports (training) instructor, or organizer for sports events.

  5. Library and archive preserving industries: data collecting and maintaining, transformation of data into photographs, maps, audio tapes, video tapes and other preservation or management format.

  6. Museums, historical heritages and other organizations dedicated to preserving cultural assets: preservation, maintenance, display and demonstration, education or management of various cultural assets or other cultural assets worthy of preservation.

  7. Recreation & service industries: operation and management of theme parks or playgrounds.