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  •  Date of update:2022-11-28
  •  Date of inspection:2022-11-28

Documents required for foreign professional employment work permit application (Category B Overseas Chinese or Foreign Investment Officer)

  Required Document New Hire Extension Notes
1 Original receipt for examination fee (V) (V) 1.NT $500 per case
2.Need not attached once entering the data of receipt on the system (or filling in the application form).Nevertheless, it might be requested if necessary.
2 Application  
3 Name List of the employed foreign workers  

The photocopy of a valid dependent alien resident certificate issued by the immigration authority

Must be valid on the date the employment begins. 
5 Photocopy of applicant entity’s company registration or business registration    
6 Copy or photocopy of the employment contract It must specify the name of the employed foreigner, nationality, job title or work
description (sufficient to tell the scope of work), employment period, wages and
compensation, and must be executed by both the employer and the employee.
7 Photocopy of applicant entity’s company owner ID card , passport or ARC   Must be valid on the date of applying.
8 Document of Marital relationship of foreigner.  
9 When employed foreign worker is a minor, legal representative employment consent documents and photocopy of passport of legal representative    
10 Photocopy of overseas Chinese and foreign investment business approval letter issued by the competent authority    
11 Copy of certificate of employer This document could be exempt if the applicant is a company.
If the applicant is a foreign company’s representative office, please submit document proving it has been approved by the central competent authority and has been established for 1 year or more with business performance.
12 Photocopy of company registration or item change registration form (note manager field)   Employed foreign workers engaged in Category B managerial position should be noted on company’s item change form as manager, subsidiary manager, or office representative. To be employed by the Institution that meet with the criteria of “new business recognition principle of innovative ability” for the jobs specified in Article 46.1.2 of the Act. Foreigners should be in the position of (or above) department deputy manager or staff in equivalent level.
13 Photocopy of original employment permit   Need not attached once entering the permit number on the system.
14 others 1.If the number of foreigners to be hired by the employer pursuant to the preceding Paragraph 1 to 3 exceeds one , the qualifications of the foreigners and the employer, or other qualifications thereof shall conform to provisions set forth in Chapter 2.
2.If the number of foreigners to be hired as department deputy manager, staff in equivalent level or above by the employer that meet with the criteria of “new business recognition principle of innovative ability” exceeds one, the wages or remuneration of the foreigners shall not be lower than the amount published by the central competent authority set forth in the Article 8.

※Documents required for termination of employment relationship (dismissal): 1. Application 2. Photocopy of employment permit (Need not attached once entering the permit number on the system).3. Photocopy of residence permit 4. Document certifying termination of employment relationship

※Documents required for replacement employment permit: 1. Application (please check“Re-issue on application and write“permit number”) 2. Grounds for replacement affidavit (expressly state the case number, foreigner's name and passport number, employment period and the reason for applying for a replacement)

※Any documents not in Chinese shall provide translation unless otherwise specified in other regulations.

※If the certificate was issued by the country in the announced list, verification from our missions shall be made first. The employer can submit the photocopy of the documents for review. However, it shall be subject to the case and the employer may be asked to provide the original documents. 

Remark: If aforementioned information and certification documents are copies, they should be marked with the words: “same as originals” and stamped with the seal of applicant entity or company owner. (Applicant shall assume legal responsibly for providing information and documents proven false through investigation)