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  •  Date of update:2018-08-01

1.Job Descriptions

The approved scopeof this job shall bemanagement-related. Besides, according to the Standard of Occupations Classificationof Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, the jobcontent of management personnel (director/manager) includes planning, commanding, negotiating and managing corporate or organizational activities.

(1) Manager of a company invested in by overseas Chinese or foreigner(s).  (Code01

(2) Manager of a branch office of foreign company.  (Code 02

(3) Representative of a representative office.  (Code 03

(4) Departmental deputy manager (equivalent or above)of a newly start-up company. (Code 04)

※Besides, the hourly amount of average salary for the foreign spouses with whom they live are employed by Director/manager/executive of a business invested referred to the preceding paragraph that shall be no less than NT $200. (Refer to Ref. Lao-Dong-Fa-Guan-Zi-10605116301 dated July 26, 2017.)