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  •  Date of update:2017-08-14

The approved works that foreign professionals who do the specialized or technical works can apply for include 15 categories such as:

A01.Civil engineering or practice of architecture read more

A02.Communications and transportation read more

A03.Tax and financial services read more

A04.Practice of real estate agency read more

A05.Immigration services read more 

A06.Practice of attorneys, or of patent attorneys read more

A07.Practice of technicians read more

A08.Health care read more

A09.Environmental protection read more

A10.Culture, sports, and recreation services read more

A11.Academic research read more

A12.Practice of veterinarians read more

A13.Manufacturing read more

A14.Wholesales read more

A15.Other work designated as per the joint consultation of the central governing authority and the central competent authorities read more

※Besides, the hourly amount of average salary for the foreign spouses with whom they live are employed by Director/manager/executive of a business invested referred to the preceding paragraph that shall be no less than NT $200. (Refer to Ref. Lao-Dong-Fa-Guan-Zi-10605116301 dated July 26, 2017.)