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Ways of ApplicationWhen a foreign legal person ne...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01689
work permitHow are the days of 90-day con...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01707
Application documentsA foreigner had been hired by ...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01495
Laws and RegulationsWhat types of work content are...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01586
Laws and RegulationsIf foreign professional worker...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01549
othersDo foreign professionals holdi...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-011021
TaxIf foreign corporations assign...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01591
salaryWhat is included in monthly av...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01676
salaryIf the salary of the professio...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01632
Work contentWhich specialized or technical...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01672
Work contentIf the foreign professional wo...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01680
work permitCan work experience obtained w...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01745
Laws and RegulationsWhen a company, running electr...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01684
Application documentsWhat kinds of short-term cram ...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01600
Application documentsDo full-time cram school forei...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01637
Application documentsWhat are the languages that fo...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01818
Laws and RegulationsIf the short-term cram schools...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01623
Laws and RegulationsCan cram schools assign foreig...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01763
Laws and RegulationsWhat are the working hours rul...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01707
Laws and RegulationsDo cram schools have to apply ...Cross-Border Workforce Affairs Center2016-11-01685
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